Hire our digital workers to automate business processes!


Hire our digital workers to automate business processes!

What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent automation is an emerging area that brings together new technologies, like AI, and process reinvention in a partnership between digital and human resources. Intelligent automation takes the robot out of the human.

Intelligent automation incorporates recent advances in technology to manage and improve business processes automatically and continuously.

At its core, intelligent automation includes Artificial intelligence, Natural language processing, Robotics–The use of robots that can act on IoT and other data to learn and make autonomous decisions, Smart workflow and predictive analysis.

Digital Worker

  • Execute automated processes with accuracy, reliability, and speed.
  • Do any task, regardless of how repetitive it is.
  • Work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

Digital Workforce

  • Autonomous software robots
  • Clever technologies that mimic and learn business processes like humans
  • Equipped with AI capabilities and our six intelligent automation skills

Test Automation

  • Automate System Testing using Digital workers.
  • Increase quality and reduce cost.
  • SAP Test automation, Netsuite Test Automation.

Our digital workers are available for on-premises, public cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and SaaS deployments.

Smart. Secure. Scalable. Successful.


Our digital workers are trainable with cognitive and AI capabilities. Plus, they’re easily enhanced with leading third-party automation technologies and capabilities.


We partner with UiPath and Automation Anywhere to provide digital workers. Their software automatically logs every action taken within the system to provide irrefutable audit trails you can depend on. UiPath Platform has been built with defense-grade security and auditing including role-based access control (RBAC), Encryption Everywhere, and Veracode certified code.


Our technology partners , UiPath and Automation Anywhere are flexible enough to grow with your business and change as market demands and fluctuations impact your business.


With one of the fastest speeds-to-value, greatest ROIs, and lowest TCOs in the industry, we’re certain our digital workforce can deliver the success you’re looking for.

Intelligent automation doesn’t stop there…

We offer an entire suite of products, features, and solutions specifically designed to help you automate…intelligently.

RPA Solutions by Industry

RPA for Finance and Banking
RPA for Insurance
RPA for Healthcare
RPA for Telecom
RPA for Manufacturing
RPA for Public Sector
RPA for Retail & CPG

Infobiz’s RPA Products

Automate your business efficiently with us. 

RPA Solutions by Process

RPA for Accounts Payable
RPA for Enhanced Claims Processing
RPA for Contact Center Automation
RPA for Finance & Accounting Department
RPA for Legal Automation
RPA for Human Resources
RPA for SAP Test Automation

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