CASE STUDY – RPA Implementation helped Insurance company amid Covid-19?

by | Nov 5, 2020



In this case study, we are going to share How Robotic Process Automation Services helped Enterprise level company amid Coronavirus crisis? This case study is about a large sized enterprise in health insurance domain. Due to the COVID-19, Insurance claims increased 30x fold, subsequently data entry & data processing increased many fold. Infobiz helped the enterprises with the Robotic Process Automation Services, undoubtedly decreasing the workload which involves repetitive tasks and data entry.



   Amazon Textract is a service that automatically extracts data from scanned documents. It identifies the content in form fields and information stored in tables. Simple Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technique cannot be used to identify, understand, and extract data from forms and tables. Finally, this is where RPA implementation comes into the picture. Machine learning algorithms, along with AI help Amazon Textract instantly read any type of document and accurately extract the required data. Consequently, eliminating the want for manual data entry, hard-coding for functionality across multiple documents and forms. RPA agency helps to develop such technology and eliminate such human efforts with accuracy.   


 During the pandemic, the need for people in the pharmacy industry grew. Also, the managing the database became a tedious task without RPA based solutions. At the same time, healthcare providers and insurers expect a 30-40x increase in the number of claims they will need to process due to COVID-19. The staff has to manually inputs data from claims into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. This is a time-consuming, error-prone task. The documents vary in format, and many have errors or empty fields. Moreover, the staff needs to work following the Covid guidelines.


 How we used RPA to digitize high volume of Insurance claims?

 To limit the working staff and remove the repetitive task, RPA technology was implemented. Drag and drop Amazon Textract capabilities is executed by UiPath. RPA workflows in UiPath Studio as to design robots that process claims automatically – thereby reducing average handling time and improving accuracy. Amazon Textract integration helps healthcare organisations digitize high volumes of claims.

 Thanks to the integration and Robotic Process Automation Solutions, robots now “learn” to extract meaningful data from any type of document. The staff is brought “in the loop” only in scenarios where data must be reviewed by a human. Besides, RPA Managed Services can handle the process, and deliver accurate results.





Annual Savings

Return ON Investment

Hour Saved Per Years

Time to Deploy


“We wouldn’t have been able to manage to process all the claims  without automation. Insurance  claim process is now seamless, hope this will be our new norm.”

- Claims Manager

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