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A leading oil & gas company uses SAP Ariba for Supplier Transaction. They are dealing with incorrect data set-up for Supplier Transaction, which leads to errors in PO transmission or Invoice Processing.

It leads to delay, massive time & effort, resource allocation to investigate the problem. FOD to cleanse data. Due to this, buyers may have to reverse/repost transactions. 


Robot Process Automation-RPA Bot ensures the correctness of SAP master data. RPA Bot has an AI machine learning algorithm that works with an accuracy of 99.97%.

How did RPA Bot integrate into SAP ARIBA?

 Infobizai RPA architect deploys the RPA BOT. RPA BOT then integrated with SAP ARIBA with the help of the Connectors. Our Architect then customized the RPA BOT as per the business process.

  1. RPA BOT performs checks on all Master Data (Vendor, OA, PO Output, Purchase Info Records, Invoicing Partner mapping table, custom tables) required for SAP Ariba onboarded suppliers. 
  2. It will then process the Data & create a report on data errors or inconsistencies for analysis and possible data cleansing. 
  3. RPA Bot consolidates the data from 11 different tables of 5 other ERPs. The process is fully automated & thus 0 human errors.

RPA bot Establishes an automated, sustainable process to periodically review the correctness of ERP Master Data settings required to route Purchasing Documents through Ariba Network. 

Checks are now proactive rather than reactive, saving time, cost, and rework in RTP transactions.



Return ON Investment

Hour Saved Per Years

Time to Deploy


“Automating this monotonous process helped our resources to focus on more productive work and helped to improve supplier relationships and supplier processes.”

- Procurement Manager

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