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How can RPA help in BPO Industry

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is continually searching for a high-level of profitability at a decreased expense. The BPO industry has begun receiving Robotic procedure computerization(RPA) advancements rather than on-shoring and offshoring of the assets as they understand the trouble in dealing with the workforce.  RPA can  radically  build  profitability as  robots can work day in and day out with no break. It assists with robotizing the monotonous, rule-based back-office undertakings effectively and precisely, clients who influence RPA likewise experience better security, review, examination and administration. Dreary and tedious errands like reportage, reviews and information examination should likewise be possible utilizing RPA.

Document and Information Control

RPA bots can arrange, duplicate, erase or move individual and various documents in various organizations.

Screen Scratching

RPA has an imaginative procedure for separating content from web applications.

Information section and Approval

Bots can refresh information sections and approve content from different frameworks without human mediation. 

Transferring and Sending Out

Transferring and sending out information with RPA turns out to be simple. Relocate and incorporate information inside various applications without any problem.

Downloading and Bringing In

Downloading and bringing in become simple by RPA to move the information between various applications. 


RPA can mechanize the undertaking of compromise to settling any disparities.

Benefits of BPO by Implementing BPO

Improving Client Experience by Meeting SLA’s

BPOs are settling the solicitations via robotization and AI inside a time which meets the SLA and improves the client experience.

Procedure Upgrades

In BPO’s the procedures will execute no matter what according to a calendar and therefore will improve with the experience.

Redeployment of assets in other quality works

Rather than people, bots can deal with dreary assignments where assets can focus on performing basic work. 

Adaptabilty and Scalability

Computerized workforce can be truly adaptable and effortlessly scaled on request. This gives BPO industry trust in getting new activities without an on seat human workforce.

Improving quality by lessening human mistakes

Robotization has improved the nature of work with diminished human blunders.

Cost saving and Expanded Profitability

Quicker fulfillment of assignments with decreased expense via robotizing the monotonous, everyday errands. Bots can work day in and day out as a matter of course.

More Income Age

With decreased blunders and expanded profitability, BPOs can create more income with a similar workforce.





NGA Human Resources has been a leading provider of HR and payroll solutions for almost 50 years. They are recognized as a driver of innovation in HR by leading market observers. The global company administers rewards to 3 million employees in more than 100 countries.


NGA HR’s business involves extensive processes across the organization. The original automation solution was not delivering its expected value as employees required a significant amount of technical knowledge and training to automate processes. At the beginning of 2019, the company decided to work with Automation Anywhere due to its user-friendly and easy-to-deploy solutions. This helped NGA HR realize the untapped potential of automation and scale its automation efforts.


The single biggest consumer of automation at NGA HR is the global access, management team. Automation was the perfect solution for the repetitive and urgent processes that occurred 24/7. With the help of RPA, the organization now effectively manages processes that touch 1,000 systems. For example, a massive volume of password resets for SAP system access are now automated, as well as an extensive employee access termination sequence.

  • 50% reduction in virtual machines
  • 23 processes migrated to RPA
  • 13,000 hours saved annually
  • 4 months to automation deployment

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