What can RPA do for Finance & Banking?


Banks are facing increased pressure due to COVID 19 pandemic to boost productivity and profitability. With Intelligent Automation solutions can put thinking into work, making them more helpful. Banking institutions have a large number of manual and mundane processes which can be automated.

With RPA, banking institutions can streamline processes and let resources focus on more productive work. Intelligent It reduces costs and provides operational efficiency with increased compliance. Intelligent automation can be started as small and scale fast. Most of the customers achieve more than 500% ROI in the first year itself


Financial balance Opening 

Automation Anywhere with the assistance of OCR framework can peruse the data from records and complete the procedure in practically no time. 

KYC (Know Your Customer) Process 


Mechanizing the KYC procedure will spare a huge number of worker hours and a huge number of dollars.

Against Money Laundering 

RPA gives an edge in battling against illegal tax avoidance. You can inform clients progressively for any dubious exercises. 


RPA bots work every minute of every day with fewer FTEs expanding the effectiveness of the procedure. 


Cost proficiency 

RPA helps in automating tedious assignments performed by people which helps with diminishing expenses as HR can concentrate on centre capacities and organizations.

Improved client experience 

By receiving RPA, client assistance officials can focus on center business works as robots take over dull and additionally low significance exercises. 

Decrease operational hazard 

With RPA, robots can supplant people in performing every day exercises, in this way wiping out the odds of human mistakes along these lines diminishing operational hazard.

Improved inward procedures 

When an organization executes mechanical procedure computerization, they have to make normalized arrangements, which helps in improving every inward procedure and ex




Leveraging Intelligent Process Automation: 1300% ROI Delivers Increased CSAT and $7M in New Revenue Streams

Bancolombia is an award-winning, full-service financial institution that provides banking services to customers in 12 different countries and is one of the 10th largest financial groups in Latin-America.


Bancolombia needed to develop a virtual workforce that combined human, robotic, cognitive, and analytic capabilities to enhance banking customer experiences, automate repetitive tasks and increase efficiency across the board. The largest part of this challenge for Bancolombia was the transformation of the working methodology and coordination of human and robotic workers.


With bots from Automation Anywhere, Bancolombia sifts through structured, semi-structured, and unstructured customer data to transform their BPM. Bots automate hundreds of processes and greatly increase back-office efficiency, saving Bancolombia a significant amount of time servicing customers. This has led to an increase in CSAT numbers and has created additional revenue streams.

  • 127K hours freed per year in branches
  • 11K days saved with back-office automation
  • 51% increase in efficiency of service time
  • $19M reduction in provisioning cost
  • $7M income from new revenue streams
  • 1300% Return on investment

Fast Return on Investments, delivered

Infobiz’ RPA implementation methodology helps to start small and scale fast. With a global delivery model and ease of implementation, Infobiz allows manufacturers to cut the complexities of managerial processes and create an agiler back office. We offer unrivalled customer support and user experience so that manufacturers globally can seamlessly take advantage of complex automation capabilities.