RPA accelerates digital transformation in the Public Sector



Public sector (i.e., bureaucratic, state, and neighbourhood governments) offices remain to pick up essentially from computerized change activities like the execution of robotization all through the offices’ centre procedures, as the requirement for additional information, quicker preparing and better dynamic drives the selection of prescient investigation and recorded information mining with a centre intending to moves identified with spending pressures, maturing workforce, siloed foundation and security concerns. They utilize Robotic Process Automation to understand their most squeezing operational difficulties including spending limitations, overburdened workers, value-based bottlenecks, ever-developing consistency necessities, and that’s just the beginning. Moving representatives needs from low-worth to high-esteem work—and disposing of the weight of commonplace, tedious errands to enable open organizations to concentrate on resident related procedures — a key concentration for the government workforce.


Archive dealing with and approval

With the assistance of RPA Bots that can work exhaustion free all day, every day, the presentation of the administration program can be fundamentally improved. 

Structure handling

Utilization of RPA can smooth out the procedure and lead to the most precise outcomes at all measures of time, propelling client assistance routes past what human staff would have the option to do. 

HR assignments

RPA guarantees progressively proficient information to the board, and subsequently, it smoothes out guideline-based HR forms.

Monetary administration and review trail

RPA bots can routinize choice rationale and kill keystroke blunders, bringing about semi hazard-free review status.


Redesign Citizen Experience

RPA gives adaptable innovation that empowers offices to stay aware of the resident interest and want for purchaser grade administration levels. 

Limit Improper Payments

Acquaint 100% precision with support appropriation and receipt installment forms with RPA bots intended to execute a similar way, inevitably. 

Lower Contractor Costs

Diminish dependence on outside assets with bots ready to deal with complex government process assignments rapidly and safely.

Improve Mission Delivery

From contribution through to consistency and revealing, RPA empowers smoother, quicker, administration conveyance, via robotizing high-rubbing/bottleneck steps in forms. 

Modernize Government Forms

Upgrade information assortment, combination, and order to set up all procedures with the correct data, immediately. 

Interoperate with any System

RPA is intended to work with any framework from heritage to cloud. The free human ability from coming to an obvious conclusion regarding frameworks to concentrate on high-esteem work.





The University of Melbourne is one of Australia’s oldest and most reputable tertiary institutions. Located in the heart of Melbourne, the university’s main campus enrolls close to 50,000 students in law, business, arts, media, economics, and engineering. The university partners with leading institutes and research centers and has been recognized as one of the world’s top 50 universities.


Despite being one of its most critical processes, the University of Melbourne’s student admissions team was overwhelmed with back-end approvals that involved a labor-intensive process of manual data entry. The downloading of individual attachments and consolidation of student results delayed acceptance notifications for prospective students and limited the capacity of staff to contribute towards value-added aspects of the admissions process. With applications often being the first touchpoint be between student and university, the University of Melbourne’s Service Improvement University Services team was tasked with finding a solution that both reduced duplication and delays and enabled the student admission service department to manage a growing volume of applications while improving customer experience.


The University of Melbourne deployed Automation Anywhere’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to reduce manual work and automate a range of administrative processes across student admissions, faculty administration, and supplier tracking. The deployed software bots now automate the entry of all data and attachments for new admission applications, and the university has slowly expanded its automation capabilities for staff across other faculties. This has allowed the University of Melbourne to increase the efficiency of critical business processes, boost staff engagement, and improve the customer experience for its teachers and student body.

  • 22 Processes automated

  • 97% Throughput in processing supplier details

  • 10K Hours of labor saved annually


Fast Return on Investments, delivered

Infobiz’ RPA implementation methodology helps to start small and scale fast. With a global delivery model and ease of implementation, Infobiz allows manufacturers to cut the complexities of managerial processes and create an agiler back office. We offer unrivalled customer support and user experience so that manufacturers globally can seamlessly take advantage of complex automation capabilities.

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