RPA, a new standard for the Telecommunications industry


With the growing technologies like IoT, there is a significant increase in connected devices globally. Technologies like 5G will even boost the speed and number of connected devices and users. The surge in the users has provided steep growth to the telecommunication industry. But with increased customer expectation, competition,

telecom companies need efficient and faster operations. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology can help telecom companies provide a superior level of service. RPA can reduce manual error and turn-around time in processes like customer support, billing, invoice processing, and document verification, and so on.


Simplified Data Entry

With OCR technology, RPA can help automate back office data entry process end-to-end from reading paper-based form data to entering in different systems.

Improve Network Uptime

RPA can predict and detect possible network issues when connected to different systems to avoid network downtime and improve customer experience.

Delightful Customer Experience 

ML & NLP capabilities enable RPA to understand the customer query in natural language and provide appropriate answers from the past data reducing customer wait time. 

Forecasting and Decision Making

RPA can integrate with different systems to analyze data and provide a report in minutes instead of hours when done manually which improves accuracy and helps in faster decision making with the latest possible data.

Invoice Processing

RPA can process invoices by checking details with purchase order and entering into the systems if correct which saves time and issues due to manual errors.

Benefits of RPA in Telecom Industry


The workflow created by RPA to automate the process is reusable and replicable in different business departments and locations.

Better Accuracy

Bots are programmed to follow the process. They never get tired and never make mistakes. Bots are extremely consistent and accurate.

Cost Saving

The implementation cost of RPA is low as compared to other business process management software. RPA can reduce processing cost by 80%.

Data Flow

RPA bot easily mimics human actions such as mouse clicks and keystroke and interacts with the interface and closes the gap between data sources and easily accesses data they need.

Speed and Productivity

RPA removes non-value-add activities and relieves employees from the pressure of work and concentrates on the processes that need human intelligence. 

Customer Satisfaction

Using RPA back-office, processes can automate. So instead of focusing on time-consuming back-office tasks, they can focus more on client requests and can handle them that require humans to make decisions.



Tata Sky Experiences Insourcing Success with Automation Anywhere RPA


Tata Sky, a joint venture between Tata Sons and Disney, is India’s leading content distribution platform. It was the first in the country to launch 4K-enabled set-top boxes that allow users to access content from their mobile devices. The company currently has more than 17 million connections across India.


Like other companies, Tata Sky considered outsourcing its manual processes to a BPO and was concerned about value leakage. The company decided that it was time to optimize within and reduce spending.
They were looking for solutions that would allow them to do more with less while addressing the speed and accuracy of their processes—making them overall a more efficient organization.


Tata Sky partnered with EY for their expertise in processes automation. EY helped Tata Sky select Automation Anywhere RPA and helped them determine which processes would be the best to automate, providing the greatest return on investment. Tata Sky began automating processes within its finance, supply chain, and treasury departments before moving to more complex processes within its taxation and tax-related reconciliation teams.

  • 10,000+ Hours saved annually
  • 17 Processes automated
  • 5 Bots implemented

Fast Return on Investments, delivered

Infobiz’ RPA implementation methodology helps to start small and scale fast. With a global delivery model and ease of implementation, Infobiz allows manufacturers to cut the complexities of managerial processes and create an agiler back office. We offer unrivalled customer support and user experience so that manufacturers globally can seamlessly take advantage of complex automation capabilities.