Hire our SAP test automation experts and start automating SAP test scenarios today. Pay as you use RPA Licence.

Why SAP Test automation?

The objective of SAP test automation is to ensure that business-critical processes work. Testing is required for new process setup, any change to process and every time SAP updates their system. That is lots of testing, the best cost-effective way is to automate SAP testing. Automation of SAP testing also ensures agility and speed for your SAP projects.

What are the steps involved to start SAP Test Automation?

Step 1

You start with a FREE Proof of Concept. In POC, you select few test SAP scenarios to automate and give us manual recording, datasheet and access to SAP Sanbox. We automate the test scenarios.This can ensure you that the project is feasible, technology-wise or not. It can also help you identify potential gaps and loopholes, if any, beforehand. You can also use our ROI tool to calculate financial benefits of automation.

Step 2

Hire our automation specialists. Decide whether to use pay as you use RPA test service or buy your own RPA licence.
Once you identify the SAP test scenarios to be automated and provide access to the quality system, our automation experts automate these scenarios.Create a regression pack and start using it.

Step 3

Extend automation testing to connected applications.

Step 4

Automate business process in Production. You need to buy UiPath RPA licence to automate business processes in production.

Step 5

Maintain SAP Automation scenarios and execute the automation bundle as required.


How much does it cost? What is included in this cost?

Our standard SAP test automation package costs £4980 per month. With this package you get two full time automation specialists and pay as you go UiPath test automation licence. The rate for pay as you go test automation is £4 per hour for development and £8 per hour production usage. Your yearly cost of licence will not exceed £6000. With a 6 months project, you can automate more than 180 scenarios.

What is the maintenance cost, once you complete SAP test automation ?

Maintenance cost is just £1250 per month( 0.5 Automation specialist)

Can we buy UiPath Test automation licence?

Yes, you have an option to buy your own UiPath Test Automation Licence at any time.

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